Vietnam Targets $5-6 billion for Coffee Exports by 2030


ccording to a news reports by VietnamNet, during the launching of activities to celebrate the Vietnam Coffee Day on December 10, 2016, the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association, VCCA Chairman, Luong Van Ti said the industry is improving its competitiveness by restructuring itself.

To meet the target of $5-6 billion for coffee exports by 2030, the industry is planning to introduce Eco-friendly technologies and advanced production techniques in order to add value in the processing of coffee and coffee products. This includes instant and ground coffee. This move entails increasing from the current 10 percent to 30 percent in the nearest future.

The Prime Minister has dedicated December 10 “Vietnam Coffee Day”. This date came as a result of a visit to Dong Hieu coffee plantation by President Ho Chi Minh, 55 years ago. The Prime Minister has designated this day as “Vietnam Coffee Day” in order to develop more the coffee industry.

3,000 Vietnamese coffee farmers to benefit from new sustainability project

The festival this year is slated to take place from December 8-11 in Ho Chi Minh City with various activities. This includes a ceremony whereby the PM’s decision will be announced on Vietnam Coffee Day. There will also be coffee tasting sessions, seminars, activities to honor individuals, farmers and organizations that are dedicated to the coffee sector and also where a list of coffee manufacturers and processors will be made known.

The event is expected to bring in many people interested in the coffee sector. This will be an opportunity for businesses to seek partners and create networks to market their products in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Vietnamese coffee scene heats up while Starbucks takes its time - Nikkei  Asia

For the past years now, coffee has been a very important commodity in the economy of Vietnam. The industry employs millions of people and brings in billions from its exports to about 80 countries worldwide. Coffee produced in Vietnam accounts for about 15 percent of total consumption worldwide.

Vietnam is the world’s largest producer and exporter of robusta coffee and the second largest in coffee bean production.

Source: Coffee bi News


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