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VSCA membership is open to all eligible individuals or corporate all over the world receive exclusive access to industry leading services, including business tools, research, and market reports and statistics about specialty coffee in Vietnam. Understand more about the world’s second largest coffee exporter and build key connection of coffee industry players in Vietnam.

Being part of the VSCA community gives you and your business a huge advantage.

Vietnam & Global Coffee Sector Networking

Meet with thousands of coffee professionals and enthusiasts from Vietnam and around the world at our annual VSCA events or take part in one of our coffee seminars where you can connect with other professionals and create long-lasting business relationships.

Leading Voice and Shared Values

VSCA membership emphasises on contributing to a better future for our industry especially coffee sector of Vietnam and world through the power of multiple voices.  Membership allows you to participate in the change you want to see by amplifying our collective voice and advocating through the organization.

Industry Visibility

There are numerous opportunities available to members that will help you raise brand awareness for your business with the entire gamut of specialty coffee decision makers and influencers.

Vietnam and Global Coffee Community

With VSCA, you will gain access to a Vietnamese and global community of people just like who are coffee enthusiasts and are passionate about the industry be it from public, private or government sector